Increasing productivity and cost savings by implementing informed technical solutions for MiShop.local

Local search optimization services

Local search marketing is essential for a physical business. It enables a business to rank higher in the search results and increases the likelihood that the searcher will contact them to do business.

The context

MiShop.local is the UK’s leading search optimization company service specialized in optimizing local business listings for multiple locations, brands and agencies. The client’s main requirement was to implement a technology solution that allows them to automate the internal process of data entry.

The challenge & key requirements

The company-specific requirement was to reduce repetitive and lower-value work like logging into the system and manually insert data of their clients
During the assessment stage, we found out that the team manually imported their clients’ data in Google My Business at a specific date and time
As the information was constantly updating and the employees were
handling large amounts of data, they needed an internal interface to help them automate the entire process

Our objectives

Develop the optimal technology solution that is suitable for the client’s needs – automation to manage large amounts of data.
Ensure the platform runs smoothly and complies with user-friendly interface best practices.
Ensure high-performance security, testing & deployment.

Our approach

The challenge

As Google continues improving the search experience, it has constantly added new features to Google My Business for enterprise businesses to manage their locations just as easily as a small, local company.

That was something that hardened our process since we had to pass through multiple iterations updating the code to ensure its compatibility.

Key points & operations

We completed a complete assessment of the business and the context the company was facing. This step allowed us to rapidly move to the next phase – find the optimal technology solution that makes the information handling a tad more manageable and less consuming.
We detailed a tailor-made automated process including a software-defined infrastructure. This included the integration of a range of APIs available in Google My Business with the existing data management system of the client.
The solution was able to read, parse and translate files to Google My Business data entries.
Missing hardcoded elements – ensure a well-established quality control system that provided end customers the highest standards when using the application
Developing a bespoke solution allowed the client to import data within the platform, which automatically ran further through the process by publishing data in Google My Business. The company’s clients were able to connect with existing potential customers using the Google Post feature that allows them to create and share announcements, offers, new or popular items in stock, or event details directly with their customers.

Technology Stack

Node JS
Web Sockets

The results

Developed an automated interface aligned with the client requirements and business objectives:


Major Cost Savings and significant improvement to business metrics

+120% productivity

Boosted productivity by 120% within the operational team


Higher accuracy to reduce manual errors

Continuing Growth

Happier employees for better metrics in terms of employee engagement

Key learnings

You’re either the one that creates the automation or you’re getting automated.

In the beginning, this set of tasks was a manual affair that cost a lot of time and resources. As we helped the client to figure out the solution that comes based on an informed technological decision, we were able to streamline their workflow that became a relatively straightforward process where everything is designed to benefit the company.
This made the organization more profitable, flexible, and responsive. It also increased employee satisfaction, engagement, and productivity by removing mundane tasks from their workdays.
Tech business is made easy through informed digital decisions.

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