From idea to strategy in just two weeks

This is where it all starts.

Every project we work on begins by drawing the map, specifying the route and stress testing the strategy.

By the end of this two-week process, you’ll have clarity on who your customer is, how your idea solves their needs, how your product or service needs to look, feel and function – and how this fits into your overall business goals.

How it works

To draw the map, we’ll gather you and your wider team for two business days.
We’ll deep dive in to the goals and motivations behind your idea, the gap in the market and the motivations for people to use your service or product.
Together, we’ll define the key functionality, and how this integrates with your business model and operations.
We’ll produce skeleton maps, user flows and engagement levels, and define the who, where, why, when of the application.
After an intense two days, we’ll go away and interview potential users to further stress test and sense check the proposed solution.
Only after this will we create a finalised strategy map – the ultimate blueprint for your idea and business.

This is the foundation that everything stands on, and includes:

  • Fully specified technical solution
  • Step-by-step development tasks and timeline
  • User journey maps
  • Risk analysis and profile
  • Optional pivots and different routes
  • Goal and KPI measurements
  • Product and business integration points

Talk to us about how your idea could be completely mapped in two weeks’ time.

Here is what our customers say about how we map

“You provided options for the solution I need, and you really understood the needs.”

— Nadia Oanea

“Really impressive how quickly the project has evolved and really pleased with how responsive everything has been, including quick and regular meetings to clear blockages frwquently.”

— Steve Walsh

“Responsive and very agile support. We worked like one team.”

— Antonis Papathanasopoulos

Once you’ve created the map, it’s time to sprint to the checkpoint or run to MVP.

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For those who are ready to build.

Build a fully functional MVP in less than two months.

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